Moonshine Mountain Coaster

Moonshine Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg
Moonshine Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg
Any time of year, the Moonshine Mountain Coaster is great for the whole family
Experience every turn
You control the speed of this mountain coaster
The Moonshine Mountain theming will be unlike any other coaster in the smokies.
306 Parkway Gatlinburg TN 37863

This renovated coaster opened in 2014 as the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, but with significant upgrades to the system and theming, it reopened in 2022 as the Moonshine Mountain Coaster! Track upgrades, including new carts, new safety features and a new operating system, as well as an upcoming upgraded lighting package, is just a few of the things setting this mountain coaster apart from the rest. The main change is the complete overhaul in theming, completely changing the experience with their brand new moonshine design! Keep up with them on Facebook to see improvements being made to this amazing mountain coaster!

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Moonshine Mountain Coaster Coupon

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